The Story of Lantern Hill & Hollow

About Lantern Hill & Hollow, beachfront accommodation cape breton ns Dreams do come true…if you believe in them…

As a young teenage girl I worked for two summers at the Keltic Lodge as a chambermaid. Being from Sydney, 1 1/2 hours drive from Ingonish, I had to take up temporary residence here and during that time I fell in love with Ingonish.

After high school I graduated from McGill University in Montreal with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. As a university student I was fortunate to be able to work with my father, Peter Harrison, a lobster fisherman.

Eventually I found myself a career in sales & marketing in Toronto and vacations brought me back home. On one such vacation, my Dad and I travelled to Ingonish for the day and being struck by its beauty again, after having been away for years, I said to my Dad, “If you ever find land for sale in Ingonish, please buy it for me.”

And he did.

Over the years on my vacations, my Dad and I would spend time on this wooded piece of land, clearing it for future development. Originally we were thinking of a summer vacation place as I was still working in Toronto. But as we worked the land we soon came to realize how special this small lot of land was and that perhaps it was meant for other things. Our dreams took flight and one fateful day my Dad said to me, “Why don’t we put up tourist cottages here and you could run it?”

It took over 10 years of planning and effort on both my father’s part and mine but eventually we succeeded. This entire property was built in just 6 months through the winter of 2001 and open to guests in May 2002. To achieve this timeline, we had a tremendous amount of support from our contractor and all of my family but especially my Mom, Shirley and my brothers, Edmund and Clayton. We have them to thank.

19 years later we are constantly refining our property to impress our guests and my Dad is very active at 90 years of age.

And we were right.

This small lot of land was meant for other things…you!

Sharon Harrison
Co-founder & Owner of Lantern Hill & Hollow

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